Photography Madness

Monday, January 26, 2009

How not to click snaps, and here is what I did not send for 'Click Red'

This is how I spent my holiday. These are samples from over a 100 snaps that I clicked yesterday. It is supposed to be a ....hmm ... lets see... ' a red chillie ikebana in an australian tequila glass?????? :-(((

Why am I posting this here? Perhaps this could be an explanation!

Well I abandoned this entire lot, and here is what I finally sent to Click Red.


YOSEE said...

Some people really are happy to be unhappy and dont we have enough worrywarts at home to prove that !! :-)) hehehehe. But what is the evil Tabasco bottle doing on a divine chocolate box ? Therein lies a spooky tale i guess.

Anonymous said...

"australian tequila glass" - it looks like it was designed for Oompa Loompa's!!

Nice pics.


tara said...

Nice snaps! I think the 3rd is the best!!

red couldnt have been photographed with soo much creativity. good one

Nazarina A said...

Oh give me one of that to fire up my soul!

Nive said...


Thx for ur comment on my Blog...true enuf when i visited Vegas i was telling my hubby abt Ocean's series of movies :)... guess its the fun of gambling there :).

As told in my blog , i have not been blogging a lot these days as iam expecting :).... and thats y i go hunting for all those "Puli" recipes :)

I luved ur mom's recipe the best... and amidst all my cravings this tops the list :)

My heartfelt thx to ur mom :)

Pavithra said...

Thats looking so wonderful dear..

CHAITRA said...

Love it!!
Drop in sometime.

Nags said...

hehehe :)

kitchen queen said...

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